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The Meteorite Memos


Tuikalayi bene luse bu mudi tatu Mvidi Mukulu muikale muene luse, diba diende udi upatule bua bimpa ne babi, lupepele luende bua tshifukibua tshionso Tshidi dijinga ne lupepele luende, mvula kabidi bua bantu bonso. Lukas 6,36-38; Matayi 7,1-2; Markus 4,24. “Mukalenga kena ne kansungansunga”

Par Mutombo Kazadi Tshikombe wa Mukole Léonard

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Sketch of the secret, military death camp at the heart of the Lt-Colonel Kokolo Barracks, drawn for the poet by the child soldier Kaloba, whom the former encountered in Congo- Brazzaville where its author died while in hiding after deserting his post during his second, month-long secondment as Chief of Station to ‘la cave’. Accused by General Yav Philémon (succeeding his first secondment), of feeding, watering and praying with the enemy, he retorted, he had not been trained as a soldier simply to watch over a dungeon in which compatriots of his were left to perish, eventually fleeing with Lukuke  Daniel  (carrying the injured body of one of ‘the farm’s’ survivors, Colonel Lumumba Onangando, on his back). Fearing subsequent international exposure of this extermination camp, Kabila Joseph sent in a battalion to destroy all remaining prisoners prior to shutting it down (consoling himself with the arrest and assault of the two deserters’ wives), and returning the property to the hands of its previous owner (Baramoto).

Par Mwamba Kayembe Clovis-Alidor (Author), Mathieson Timothy (Author)


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